New Zealand Memories issue 167

New Zealand Memories issue 167

April/May 2024



Letters  6

Caring for the fallen  7
A recent visit to France demonstrates that our 
history continues to be preserved by those 
whose countries our fallen now lie in.

The First ANZAC Day  12
Remembering the 3100 New Zealanders who
landed on Anzac Day.

Sailing for the special service  19
Targeting U-boats with theatre and 
skulduggery in World War I.

The Friendly Games  26
Remembering the Commonwealth’s 
‘friendly games’ which left lasting memories.

A West Coast Family  30
A glimpse of the gritty reality of post-colonial 
life on the West Coast.

Wellington Provincial Centennial Memorial Opening  34
Christopher Moor looks back on Wellington’s Provincial Centennial Memorial which 
opened more than 80 years ago.

The Edwin Fox  38
Liz Ward writes about The Edwin Fox: 
New Zealand’s vessel of globalization.

Nailed Boots & Crinoline Gowns  42
Robert Peden highlights the role of women, and their contributions in New Zealand’s colonial past.

A Grand Occasion  45
Photos of a crowd gathering around a flagpole at Northcote Point, Northcote, Auckland in 1908.

A Wright Ramble part one  46
Extracts from a handwritten account of a 
journey from Christchurch to Hanmer Springs 
in the 1870’s.

New Zealand will never be populated  50
In 1855 New Zealand’s strongest earthquake 
encouraged quite a few early settlers to head 
back home to England.

Remembering dad  53
A glimpse of a family navigating through the 
40s and 50s, understanding love, loss, and life 
from a child’s perspective.

Index   64

How did Gisborne get its name?  66
Dr Laurie Barber writes of how Gisborne
got its name.