Take a trip down memory lane..


New Zealand Memories is a unique and absorbing bi-monthly publication cherishing New Zealands heritage. Superb photographs are a highlight. Many are supplied by readers and consequently have never before been published, thereby capturing part of our history which may otherwise be lost.

New Zealand Memories contains 68 pages on a variety of topics, featuring material and subjects from the 1800s through to the 1970s. The names and places included in each issue are indexed and have proven to be a great asset to genealogists. A complete index of subjects and topics in all back issues appears on this website for downloading by schools, libraries and individual contributors as a quick reference source.

Personal stories are a highlight. Everyday New Zealanders record their tales of endurance. Their spirit of adventure, the hardships, joys and sorrows through the good times and downright difficult; each story a link in the shaping of our country.

The high quality publication, first released in 1995, has won the hearts of thousands of readers and subscribers across the country and is acclaimed as a valuable collectible treasured by families. Libraries, museums and schools recommend New Zealand Memories as an important tool for all ages, not just as a reference source, but also as a trip down memory lane.

Check out the contents of the current and past issues on this website. You will be intrigued by the vast amount of material already covered in the books; the factual accounts and personal stories will bring a wealth of knowledge to students and a flood of nostalgia to those of us in adulthood.