New Zealand Memories Issue 166

New Zealand Memories Issue 166

February/March 2024



Boots and bombs 7-13
Craig Stephen writes of New Zealand’s
national football team, at tournament in 
Saigon at the height of the Vietnam war.

On tour with the royals 14-23
John Batten recounts his time as a crew 
member of the Royal Yacht Britannia during 
its 182-day Commonwealth Tour.

The ups and downs of Ladybird 24-28
Miles Kingsford Cross recalls his father, 
who with basic tools and a healthy dose of 
kiwi ingenuity, built a functioning aeroplane.

Settling our soldiers 29-33
Marisa King takes a look at New Zealand’s controversial post-World War I soldiers’ settlement scheme.

Hīkoi 34-35
Remembering the 1975 Māori land 
marchers hīkoi from Hokianga to Wellington.

Our great dame 36-43
David Hill writes of Dame Whina Cooper’s 
life and her involvement in the hīkoi of 1975.

Ship of a Thousand Sweethearts 44-50
It was dubbed the ‘Sweethearts’ Ship’ by the 
press. But what was the truth behind the headlines? 
John Stackhouse investigates.

The building that wouldn’t say die 51-54
Marlene Ditchfield explores a Napier building that’s survived major disasters, financial depressions, and bureaucratic upheaval.

Many hands make light work 55
Men hard at work on the wharf at Whakatane.

Wellington’s tributes to Seddon 56-59
Christopher Moor examines Wellington’s Seddon Memorial and its interesting historical placement.

The Game for the People 60-65
Rugby league arrived in New Zealand in the early 20th century, but the new code faced opposition from powerful voices writes Ryan Bodman.