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Issue 142 (Feb 2020 – March 2020)

Amongst the vast assortment of articles in Issue 142, John Stackhouse leads the way with a tragic account of young lives lost during aviation accident over the town of Akaroa.  A story of high spirits with an unfortunate ending. The name Kathleen Hall is relatively unknown but her achievements are quite remarkable, as you will read in Gordon Campbell’s profile. This dedicated and selfless New Zealand nurse put her life at risk during her service to villagers under her care.  

Genealogists will be both impressed and encouraged by Wendy Clark’s perseverance in unraveling the mystery of her lineage in the article Ward of the State after much earnest research.  

Although the owners of a small Blackball hotel couldn’t afford to take on the ‘big guns’ of the Hilton Hotel chain, they had the last laugh and attracted worldwide attention. A gem of a short tale, and befitting of the first ‘Editor’s Choice’ position for 2020.  

On that note, I hope the new decade brings you much laughter. As the old proverb says, “it’s the best medicine.  

Enjoy this latest issue.

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