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Issue 143 (April – May 2020)

Building methods have changed considerably since the mid-twentieth century. When Gavin Meadow’s started his apprenticeship constructing State Houses, “nearly everything was done with hand tools”. Gavin’s story not only gives a candid glimpse into the building industry, but also of 1950s New Zealand life: the State Advances loans; six o’clock closing; working hours and conditions; pay rates. It’s a pleasure to print this first-hand builder’s account as our leading article.   

For motoring enthusiasts, Peter Holmes article offers insight into his father’s career as a service driver; he retired after achieving a driving record of a remarkable 1.25 million miles. Ann Julien describes life in Mangakino after her family’s arrival from Ireland. “Of course travel was by ship in those days (1950) and there was a waiting list for berths, but we were offered a cancellation with only a week to pack up and get to England” writes the author. Short notice indeed! 

In view of recent developments, we urge readers to take extra care with hand washing and general precautions as advised by medical personnel until the virus passes.  

We trust that you will enjoy these and the many other fascinating articles compiled for this issue.  

Enjoy this latest issue.

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