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August 18th 2020


Cover 144


What a strange eight weeks New Zealand has experienced since we last wrote. How life can change in an instant!.

Working from home with no social distractions allowed us to forge ahead with preparation of material for the remainder of 2020, and the impact of isolation had little detrimental effect on our publication. Our thoughts go out to the many businesses, and the families they support, who will struggle to get back on their feet in coming months.

We love the title of Lesley Treweek’s article Gold is Where You Find It. So very true, and an inspirational read, as is David Relph’s article on life at ‘High Peak’ during the Second World War.

Jeanette Grant’s schooldays are classic mid-twentieth century: school milk, skipping and hopscotch in the playground, the ‘strap’, chanting of spelling and times tables, bell monitors… all so familiar. During those same decades a surge of British emigrants included Trish McBride who gives an account of her 1952 voyage on the TSS Captain Cook and writes, “Tauranga was a sleepy little place”. There’s certainly no shortage of excellent stories in this issue to wile the time away.

Warm wishes accompany this message, and we urge you to keep safe.