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August 18th 2020




New Plymouth chemist Alfred Sykes knew no bounds when it came to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, veterinary and household products from 1893. In the brilliant article supplied by Puke Ariki, it is evident that cures, claiming relief from numerous common ailments of the day, abounded from the New Plymouth premises. Concoctions were not restricted to medicines and salves for human maladies alone; marketing encompassed animal drenches and unrelated pharmacy items such as Fly Cemetery Sticky Fly Papers and Sykes’s Herb Beer Extract “with a creamy head like an English Ale”. An intriguing read.

Max Cryer can be relied upon to have a musically related theme up his sleeve. In this issue Max delves into the subject of the Saturday night dances, where the bud of first romance often blossomed into marriage. (A number of nods from readers at this point we suspect). The entry fee of ‘Ladies a plate’ and a coin from each gentleman was the general rule of thumb. Participants endeavoured to engage with their preferred partner of the evening for the supper waltz. The photograph of the ‘supper lady’, looking somewhat quizzical in the hall kitchen, is a classic.

Jim Sullivan highlights the sad demise of historic pubs, many dating back to the early gold mining era, in his regional contribution. Some of these irreplaceable buildings have been saved by tourism – particularly premises on and near the Central Otago Rail Trail (a wonderful kiwi experience). New Zealanders are being challenged to explore their own country, and what better time than now!

Motoring, aviation, nursing, farming and holidays are covered in various forms in this issue. While we can’t thank everyone personally, we are grateful for your willingness to share these life stories.